Yoga Nidra

Check our current schedule for when this class is happening.
Drop-in cost is $15 or use your
CSS Punch Pass.

Yoga Nidra, you say?  Yoga means union and Nidra means sleep.  What could get any better!?

In this class, you are guided to consciously relax every body part while in your most comfortable corpse pose (Savasana).  The intention is to be completely aware of yourself while in a state of deep relaxation and try not to fall asleep!

You may reach new states of conscious awareness where you perceive not only your physical but also your subtle body. You may also be able to feel or become aware of the flow of prana as it moves though physical, emotional and energetic blockages. In this state, you will heal the body and the mind and expand your consciousness from the self to the infinite.

Taught by Christa Domchek, Sundog Yoga

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