Class Descriptions

*Some classes are pre-registered. Please email us at

Adaptive Yoga – Christa Domchek
These classes are for those who are recovering from an injury, have a disability or require assistance. Using chairs, you will learn about yoga philosophy, participate in warm up and breathing exercises, and gently move your body to relieve stress, relax, be energized and heal!

Challenge Yourself Flow Yoga – Jahliele Paquin
An all-levels lunch class that invites you to push your boundaries and challenge yourself. This class will focus on peak postures that will help to expand your yoga practice. The aim is not to master the pose, but to have fun trying something new.

Core Power Yoga – Maureen Tonge
This all-levels lunch-time class allows you to dig deep to grow a strong core. The practice includes dynamic movement as well as static postures requiring stamina. Also, powerful breath work will help you increase lung capacity and endurance as well as tone your mid-section.

Dancing for Birth™* – Johanna Tiemessen
This prenatal class series is an empowering, educational opportunity to feel more energized during your pregnancy and learn natural coping techniques for labour, which support a safer, easier birth, and increased confidence. Movements incorporate concepts from Belly, African, Latin Dance and more!

Find Your Flow Yoga – Dawna Marriott
Based on Vinyasa yoga, classes incorporate movements synchronized with breath, along with moments of stillness to take notice. Sequences build heat and strength in the body, while improving flexibility and calming the mind. Classes are open to all, but can be challenging.

Insanity Live* – Melissa Cyr
Get ready to incinerate fat and calories with the ultimate cardio-conditioning program that is tailored to all fitness levels. You will build strength, improve cardiovascular endurance and stamina, and develop precision and speed without lifting a single weight.

Kundalini Yoga for Stress Relief – Maureen Tonge
A powerful, accessible style of yoga, Kundalini allows you to challenge yourself to become the best version of you! Through an uplifting blend of physical and spiritual practices, you will move and stretch, use sound, incorporate breathing techniques, meditate and relax.

Mindful Movement and Meditation – Maureen Tonge
Become more aware of your body, state of mind and emotions during this lunch-time class. Through movement linked to breath, you will be guided to observe sensations in the whole body, while suspending judgment. There will also be a seated meditation each class. Well-suited to all.

Nia – Johanna Tiemessen
Nia combines concepts from Martial Arts, Dance Arts and Healing Arts, together with soulful music and awareness of movement into each class. You will be guided in form and principal, but encouraged to listen to your own body and find freedom in the joy of movement.

Pound®* – Melissa Cyr
Channel your inner rock star with this full-body cardio jam session of a workout inspired by drumming. Using Ripstix®, lightly weighted exercise drumsticks, torch up to 900 calories per class and tone while rocking out to your favourite music!

Reset and Reboot Restorative Yoga – Maureen Tonge
An incredibly gentle yet effective approach to releasing deeply held stress and tension, Restorative Yoga uses props to fully support you in poses designed to heal, restore, and relax. The use of the gong during many of the classes also further enhances your relaxation.

Restorative Yoga and Healing Gong Bliss* – Maureen Tonge
An ancient instrument that has been used for thousands of years, the Gong introduces the science of sound vibration by working at a cellular level to shift and move energetic blockages in the body. Combined with a Restorative Yoga practice, you will leave this class feeling blissful!

Sivananda Plus Yoga – Jahliele Paquin
Based on the classic Sivananda tradition of yoga as modified by Swami Vishnudevananda, these classes focus on breathing exercises, sun salutations, and the 12 Basic Asanas. The “Plus” provides added focus on different aspects of the Sivananda tradition. Great for all levels.

Stretch and Strengthen Yoga – Maureen Tonge
This all-levels lunch-time Hatha yoga class focuses on creating length and strength through dynamic movement and static poses, giving you the opportunity to build flexibility, strength, and stamina. It also includes a period of mindful meditation and relaxation.

Yin Yoga – Dawna Marriott
A slow-paced style of yoga, poses are held for longer periods of time. Stress is applied to the connective tissues, with aim of increasing circulation and improving flexibility. A meditative approach to yoga, Yin also cultivates inner silence and calmness.

Zumba®* – Melissa Cyr
Take the “work” out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. Once the Latin and World rhythms take over, you’ll see why Zumba® classes are often called exercise in disguise. Super effective and super fun!

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