Contact Us

Our studio is located in the Scotia Centre, Lower Level, 5102-50th Ave.
If you are attending one of our 7:15 evening classes or weekend classes, please use the Franklin Ave doors. The door furthest to the left will have a green light showing it is open. Doors open at 7:00pm.

Our studio is usually only open when classes are being taught. Check our current schedule to see if there are any classes today.


Phone: (867) 445-5888

3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Good Day,
    Quick question:
    Does your studio have a safe place to leave/store your purse/etc. during class(es)? I’d like to try a class tomorrow and have never been to your studio. I know what you’re thinking…me bad! ‘;0)

    • Hi Shawn! Yes we have a place to hang your coat and dressing rooms right in the studio with cubbies and hangers. They aren’t locked or anything but if you are worried you can always bring your purse into the space with you and leave it along the wall close to you. But I’m sure once you are there and see what we have you will rest assured it is safe. Hope to see you tomorrow! And by the way, better now than never! 🙂

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