Yoga for Men

This 4-week session occurs Tuesday evenings. Drop-in cost is $15 or use your
CSS Punch Pass. Pre-register for all 4 classes for a discount ($50) by contacting Aaliya at

This one is for the guys! Stepping into your first yoga class can be intimidating, especially when you think its all about the ability to touch your toes! Yoga is in fact many different things, and is designed for everyone of any sex and age. It’s not just about being flexible, its about being powerful.

In this workshop series designed for male students brand new to yoga we will explore the history and philosphy of yoga, the many different types of yoga, pranayama (breathing) and meditation techniques, and of course introduction to asana (posture) practice making use of props. After completing just one workshop, you will feel much more confident strutting in to your next yoga class and know what to expect. You will also learn how to bring yoga home with you and even to work. We’ll introduce simple exercises you can do everyday to increase your strength and flexibility, getting you on your way to touch your toes, but also yoga techniques to calm the mind when your world gets a little hectic!

Each class is 90-minutes and will include 30-minutes of discussion/philosophy, 30-minutes of asana breakdown and 30-minute hatha flow yoga class!

Taught by Certified Yoga Instructor Aaliya Adam,

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