Yoga for Young Athletes

Check our current schedule for when this pre-registered class is happening.
Cost is
$60/6 weeks. Contact Cheryl at to pre-register.

For athletes, their physical fitness is the most important component to be successful.
There needs to be balance. Balance with their physical capability, taking care of their bodies, and also their mind.
Yoga will help them with flexibility, strength, endurance and also focus and concentration. With sports and athletics, most work the body in one dimension. This will lead to over-development in one area and underdevelopment in another. Yoga will bring balance to all of this.

Yoga for Young Athletes, will challenge your young athlete, but also help them grow to understanding their own body and mind, which will help them with their fitness and everyday life. It’s a 6 week series,  1 hour class each week.

Taught by Certified Teen Yoga Instructor Cheryl Minkoff,