Sunrise Yoga

This class occurs Thursday mornings. Drop-in cost is $15 or use your
CSS Punch Pass.

Welcome the new day with yogic breathing exercises (pranayama) and a moment of reflection, followed by Sun Salutations and asanas (postures) to build awareness, strength and flexibility. We’ll end the class with a final relaxation, clearing our mind for the day. Set a positive tone for your day. This is an all levels class.


  • Yogic breathing or pranayama steadies emotions and creates great clarity of the mind
  • Sun Salutation opens the heart and brings great flexibility to the spine in preparation for the asanas
  • Focus on asanas as postures to be held, rather than exercises
  • Asanas work all systems of the body creating flexibility in spine and joint and toning muscles glands and internal organs
  • Final relaxation removes stress and slows breathing and heart rate

Taught by Collective Soul guest teacher, Bridget McLeod,