Morning Wake-up Call Yoga

This class occurs Tuesday mornings. Drop-in cost is $15 or use your RMB or
CSS Punch Pass

Looking to get your morning started on the right foot? Join Maureen to get moving and grooving with simple yet effective yoga postures to wake up your body & mind.

This class will consist of gentle warm-ups, breath work, Sun Salutations, other standing balancing postures, gentle inversions, and of course – savasana (final relaxation!)


  • All levels welcome!
  • Students learn about the benefits of and practice deep breathing, and other types of yogic breathing.
  • Students can “dial up or down” the intensity of their practice.
  • Students experience the benefits of relaxation and recovery as an essential part of wellness, and learn techniques to self-relax.

Taught by Maureen Tonge (Radiance M-bodied Yoga)

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