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A.M Spring Clean Challenge

The A.M. Spring Clean Challenge kicks off on Sunday, April 9th with a workshop by Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Ashley Arychuk. Cost is $25 for this 1.5 hr midday workshop that runs from noon til 1:30. It’s a fab way to get motivated!

The classes start Monday A.M. on April 10th and each morning class is from 6:45 – 7:45. You can sign up for 10, 16, or 21 classes at a cost of $10/class.  If you sign up for the 21, you can do 2 classes for free to add up to 23 classes (all that are on offer). There are no classes on Good Friday or Easter Monday. The last day of the morning challenge is May 12th.

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Laughter Yoga

Fake it until you make it – and you can’t stop laughing!

Laughter yoga is about 90% laughing and 10% breathing and stretching. So come prepared to laugh harder than you have in years and leave feeling better than you have in weeks!

Our bodies cannot distinguish between “real” and forced laughter and either way release endorphins that make us feel good when we laugh! So why not get together and fake it until we make it, and trust me, when we get a group together laughing it is so contagious that you won’t be able to stop yourself!

This is a great way to start your weekend and a wonderful excuse to get silly, let your inner child come back out and do something different!

Andrew Matthews, will faciilitate an hour of laughter, silliness and fun! Get ready for stomach aching, knee slapping laughter! As they say laughter is the best medicine and Andrew will make sure you receive a hefty does of it on the Funny First Friday of the month.

WHEN: The first Friday of every month from 7:30-8:30 PM

COST: By Donation

DRESS CODE: Wear regular comfortable clothing or dress as silly as you like. Bonus points for tight and bright clothes!

REGISTER? Online at