Hip Bliss/Opening Yoga

This class will take place Saturday, September 19 only. Drop-in cost is $15 or use your CSS Punch Pass.

In this class we will focus on the inner and outer hip region through asana to release tension stored from long periods of sitting and tight muscles. Also, many yoga practitioners believe that the hips are the junk drawer of the body, where we energetically store negative emotions such as stress, fear, anger and sadness. We will ease into the postures through pranayama and introduce many modification and adjustments to the poses so that they are available to anyone. No prior yoga experience is necessary, just a willingness to open up and relax the mind and body so we can target the deep tissues and energetic storage spaces. By opening up this space in the body, you will allow energy (bliss!) to flow freely through the body and feel much lighter, rejuvenated and refreshed after class!

Taught by Certified Yoga Instructor Aaliya Adam, aaliya@ualberta.net