Healing Gong Bath

Check our current schedule for when this class is happening.
Drop-in cost is $15 or use your CSS Punch Pass.

The gong is a sacred and ancient instrument of healing, rejuvenation and transformation. It is a sacred sound vibration. When you experience a Gong Meditation (aka a Healing Gong Bath), you can expect to do a few relaxing breathing exercises to open the body’s energy centers, some gentle warm-ups to prepare the body and then you’ll be guided through a process of deep relaxation. As the Gong playing begins, you soon become aware of the many tones within one sound. The sounds develop and wash over and around you to vibrate all of the body’s cells. The waves of sound carry your body and mind to a feeling of peace and connectedness.

The entire body vibrates and changes as the gong is played. In our body there are 72,000 nerves that send energy throughout our bodies to shape us physically, emotionally and mentally. Specific areas of the body and mind are stimulated by the vibration waves of the gong. For example, the sound waves can stimulate the glandular system to a higher level of functioning because the vibration causes all of the cells of the body to move and to release blockages.

The gong also has an effect on the mind. The sound waves help to open the subconscious mind to a meditative state. The mind naturally releases with the gong. It takes only 3 to 90 seconds for the gong to have an affect on the mind. Then we have the opportunity to expand our own psyche to new aspects of our selves and the world around us.

The sound of the gong also projects to all of the chakras (energy centres) and can be used as a powerful instrument to open and balance them. Certain areas of the gong relate to different chakras. When these areas are played the chakras become more responsive and therefore opened and balanced. The gong helps the chakras to coordinate and move more freely. With sensitivity you can feel this in your body when you listen to the gong. The sound of the gong creates deep relaxation; it releases you from your thoughts. Nothing compares to the gong’s ability to create sound that brings us to a state of harmony. (adapted from Devinder Kaur’s pdf on “What is a Gong Meditation?”)

Taught by Maureen Tonge, radiancembodiedyoga.com

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